Not Your Momma's Gym.


That Depends on Your Momma.

About our Owners


Richard Bedford is a former pro wrestler and current owner and promoter for NCWO pro wrestling organization. He is a professional in the McAlester area and is committed to health and well being. He is a husband and a father and has a heart for helping others. He has a passion for building muscle and helping others understand the mechanics of muscle building and developing proper form.


Brandy Bedford is a teacher in the McAlester area and has devoted her professional career to helping others. After much struggle with weight and health, Brandy turned to working out. She teaches several fitness classes and loves helping others learn to improve their fitness level. She is a wife and mother and strives to help others find their positive self.


Kris Mitchell is a career coach in the McAlester area. She has devoted her entire life to developing and shaping athletes and helping others find a love for physical fitness. She is patient and will push everyone to find their inner best. After many athletic injuries over the years, Kris specializes in recovery and taking the time to slowly regain strength and physical and mental well-being.

Barbenders P.P.C. Fitness is

We are all about health and strength building from our many machines to our free weights. We try to inspire everyone who comes in to do there best and work hard to achieve there goals. Unlike most places we try to offer many different ways to improve one self with many other means of exercise, like "Strong Man Equipment", cardio equipment, tires, and several full body training devices such as the FROG.


BarBenders and NCWO are devoted to our comunity and our customers. BarBenders hosted a NCWO Professional wrestling event to help raise money for a local child in need. This event was outside to meet the restrictions of COVID. The professional wrestlers put on one big show. We also gave thanks to those that participated in the event and for those that donated as well. None of this would have been possible with out your support.

Here at BarBenders Fitness P.P.C. we have a natural air flow. YES! We do have fans and a water cooler to keep everyone cool during the heat of the summer. With the Covid 19 pandemic the natural air flow provides a very safe environment in which to enjoy your workout. We personally clean and sanitize our equipment after each use even if you happen to forget.